Blockchain Smart Contract Auditor

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time
We at Moolya Software Testing are currently looking for Blockchain Security Auditor to join our core team. If you are innovative, creative, and extremely passionate about Blockchain Auditing and want to be part of a growing venture, come join us!


  • Responsible for analyzing the code of public blockchain node services, smart contracts, wallet services, as well as the network layer and application layer.
  • Responsible for Identifying the vulnerabilities in the public blockchain's latest release and the latest security events.
  • Review the code (primarily solidity contracts) of blockchain projects
  • Study and evaluate blockchain-based implementations
  • Identify design vulnerabilities and propose solutions to mitigate them
  • Propose and set up tools facilitating test automation or vulnerability research
  • Identify points of interest for R&D in the field of blockchain
  • Provide contracts unit testing
  • Identify vulnerabilities, design and architectural flaws


● Experience in the field of blockchain

● Interested to discover languages such as Rust or Go

● Must have at least 3+ years of experience

● Knowledge of domain architecture and security concepts

● Knowledge of existing consensus protocols

● Knowledge of cryptographic concepts related to the field

● Must have completed minimum of 10 security audits independently manually and using automation

● Should be familiar with at least 1 automation tool

● Good writing skills

● Ability to understand unknown issues

● Autonomy and strong learning abilities

● In-depth knowledge of how services such as blockchain nodes/validators work

● Experience with best security practices in the blockchain space, ability to analyze potential security

vulnerabilities through the code, and the ability to assist in selecting or implementing appropriate


● Proficiency in at least one or more programming languages in C++/Rust/Go

● Experience with maintenance and configuration of AWS ec2/ecs/rds/elb/s3/vpc/iam products

● Goal-oriented, proactive and good communication skills

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